New Website!

Hey all. 

I wonder how many times I have to start a blog before I can actually commit to doing it for real. Anyone want to make bets? Currently I'm at 4. 

Here's hoping this will be the last time I begin again; and welcome to my new website! I spent some time contemplating whether or not I would make the switch from one web host to another, and re-evaluating where the priorities lie when it comes to making my site look and feel awesome. Luckily, I picked up the slack and began the process, and here we are. 

I decided that customization was something I was not getting enough of with the older site - what's up with us creatives being so unique and the platforms we use for websites being so restraining? Anyway, I'm getting what I need when it comes to creating a space that I feel happy to expand as my own, and by changing everything, I gained a blog as part of my website and not an extension of! HORRAY

This could potentially be life-changing. I hope you're ready.