Polly's Cove

 This lovely photograph was taken by Kaylin Amelia!

This lovely photograph was taken by Kaylin Amelia!

Most people enjoy spending the weekend recharging and lazing around the house - and don't get me wrong, I do too! The thing is, as a photographer we rarely have weekends to ourselves.

Even though I JUST said we barely get to spend time alone, we almost never get a day to all hang out with each other. Somehow, last weekend I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with FOUR working photographers to get out and make some photographs together. Emily Doyle, Jessie Redmond, Maria Longmire, Kaylin Amelia and I took a (very) early morning drive out to Polly's Cove to catch a bit of the sunrise and spend the morning getting to know each other!

This was my first time meeting Emily, Maria and Jessie; It's so good to be introduced to fresh faces and see how other people work so that I can gather inspiration for my own photography.

Although the winter hasn't truly started yet out here in Halifax, the seasonal funk seems to have come early. It keeps me energized to have people around me that force my lazy and cold butt outside and into weather I may not have gone into myself.

Somehow we spent two and a half hours in the stunning location, and the whole time we were so busy with everything else that Maria and I actually missed out on photographing each other! Luckily I don't think this will be a last for these little group outings, and I'm sure we'll have the chance to create some images of each other the next time!