Ice & Ink

Hi again!

Do you ever think about how weird it is that two people can meet and their personalities can just hit it off right away? That's exactly how I felt when I met Émilie! We seemed to mesh right away, which is always the best when you're about to hang out for a few hours anyway.

We had an idea planned a few weeks ago to do sort of an outdoor boudoir-vibe shoot in the Blue Mountain and Birch Cove wilderness trail just outside of Halifax to show off Émilie's tattoos. We originally wanted to do it on a day that was a bit warmer since she would be wearing minimal clothing, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we moved it back a couple more days and ended up shooting when it was VERY cold outside. We even got some snow in the days in between!

The perk for me is that Émilie is fantastic and also a huge trooper, so we still went out despite the weather being a bit different than we originally expected. It ended up feeling like we were just hanging out and having a fun hike rather than an actual photoshoot. (My favourite kind.)

Check out some of the images!