Winter Blues = Fun shoots!

Hey everyone. 

I'm sure I'll apologize more than once for my absence in writing blog posts - but I am sorry! December is a very busy month for us all, and if you celebrate Christmas, you know its basically a week long event.. but I'm back, and here to talk about the struggles that come with creativity in the winter months.

If you're anything like me, you live for the spring and summer and dread when the colder months come. Here in Nova Scotia, the cold weather is here just as often as it is warm. 

I adore saturated colours and putting my models, families and couples into the environment that surrounds them; when winter comes it makes it hard for me to feel like the exterior is as beautiful as it was in warmer months, and the cold acts as a barrier in my creative process. 

Luckily, once I recognize what is making me feel down and discouraged, it can begin the process of gaining back a drive to create awesome photographs, and get out of the (early this year!) winter slump. I planned two shoots, one with Louise, and one with Shonalee. The concepts were both loose, but that made it more fun to experiment when we got to the day of.

Louise was first. The idea was to take portraits that looked cozy, in a dead field somewhere. Vague, right? Absolutely. 

We went out to Point Pleasant park, (to be honest, one of my favourite places to shoot) and found a little patch of dead sticks and bushes for Louise to interact with. We even got some snow at the same time! After those, we moved into a more green area to do a few different looking shots, before freezing out butts off and packing it in. 

. . . . . . .

The shoot I had planned the next day was with Shonalee. We had an idea to work with Christmas-like LED lights I picked up from the dollar store, and do something outdoors-y with them. Honestly I thought the day was going to be a little bit darker and that we might be able to do something on the beach, but it ended up being quite bright, so we moved to the woods. Playing with a shallow depth of field, we were able to come up with some pretty interesting looks!

Afterwards, we did some without the lighting so there would be some variety to the shoot - and the lights were a nightmare to wrangle in order to get enough into the frame to create an interesting looking image. 


Overall - I'm lucky to have people that trust me enough to let me work with them even when I'm feeling down, and happy to have subjects and a drive enough to pull myself out of these little creative ruts and weird moments.