Victoria Moore & New Lighting Gear!

Hey again! 

I feel like this is going to be kind of a double whammy blog post.

  1. Victoria Moore is a fantastic new model, and I'm so happy I got to work with her!
  2. Despite having bills to pay and visa debt, I bought a new light.. and it is amazing.

I'll start with the lights! It's funny, because I was never what I would consider a "Gear-head" while I was learning photography. I watched people in my class spit out all the specifications of some random camera I knew I would never use, and I wasn't really interested. I guess that changed. I'm still not blown away with what other cameras have that mine doesn't, but I'm a total geek with lighting gear.

So anyway. I put in an order for these lights that sounded AMAZING back in the spring, and was waiting so long that I thought they might never arrive. Lucky for me, they did! I picked up the Godox AD200 TTL Pocket Flash, (finally). It's the size of a speedlight, but WAY more powerful AND this is my first time ever in my life with the flexibility of shooting with High Speed Sync. I am in love.

Now for all of you that are feeling the way that I do when my boyfriend tells me about the latest and greatest camera on the market, I'll just say that the first time I got to use this beautiful new addition to my bag was with Victoria, so lets talk about her!

Victoria wrote me over instagram a couple of weeks ago, and I saw a couple images from shoots she had modelled in with other photographers, so I thought, what better chance to try out some new techniques?

Victoria was extremely sweet while we were working together. It's refreshing to photograph someone that is super comfortable in front of a camera, and barely needs any direction, but still looks incredible. It was -16°C the morning we went out.. yikes. We still made magic happen though! We did two looks, one which made me sympathize because it was so chilly, and another with a play on the cold using a parka as an outfit.

I hope you like the results!