Baxter's Harbour Falls


One of the most important things for me in the winter is finding the time to get out and shoot - despite the temperatures. It's so easy to get sucked into a winter depression, and to feel lazy and down on ourselves.. I know I've talked about this more than once.

Last week I jumped at the opportunity to get outside and get exploring. Our province is so big and beautiful, and I can't believe how many places in it I haven't been to yet! This adventure in particular was to find Baxter's Harbour waterfall; this place was such a huge spot for people to visit last winter, and it seems to be the same this year, so obviously I had to check it out for myself.

Just a few days before was Halifax's first official snow of the year, so we were excited to have something on the ground besides the dull grey-brown that everything seems to be this time of year. The falls are little bit of a drive from the city, so Trevor and I ventured out around 10am to get there around 12 by the time we found it. 


We hung out and took photos for a little while, before grabbing some food and heading home for the day. Adventures don't have to be big and long, they can be little day trips and getting out while the sun is still in the sky. Anything to get some fresh air and pull myself away from editing and emails for a couple of hours, even though I love that part too :)