James Goode

I never thought that Instagram would be a platform where I would actually end up booking work from. It's interesting the world we live in now, where there is so much competition but also so many inspiring people at the click of a couple buttons. 

Every so often I do get inquires via direct message on instagram, so they aren't super surprising anymore, but it's a nice way to use my inner creep and get to know this person a little bit before writing back. I was thrilled when James reached out, because he looked like the type of dude that wouldn't shy away from a shoot outside in the cold.. and I was right!

James and I planned a small adventure out to York Redoubt with the intention of getting some fashion-type shots in a snowy and icy environment. It was absolutely freezing, and Hunter Boots were probably not the best choice of footwear, but James was amazing to work with and I'm so happy with the photographs that came out of our time together.

Thanks James!