Hey hey hey.

Do you think soulmates are a thing? I totally do. Not in the sense that we find one person somehow through a weird destiny that plopped them into our lives, but I believe that we have multiple! Our friends, family and even significant others. I personally think I have like 7, but that's just me. 

One of those people is my best friend, Karley. We met each other waaaay back in grade primary. We were 5 years old at the time, and during that year we both had a crush on the same dude in our class and were in this weird "love" triangle which involved playing pretend on the playground and calling dibs on his favourite character so that he'd just have to like us more on that particular day. 

We stayed friends our whole lives, and I'm sure I could tell about a million stories that I have with her, including getting tattoos together last year and travelling to 5 different countries in Europe with our french immersion class when we were 16. 

Karley is an incredible friend, and it's been awesome to have someone that is so different, but so the same to be able to stumble through life with.

Recently, I got to photograph her graduation portraits for university. Crazy! Karley has spent the last 4 years at Mount Saint Vincent University studying science, and this year will be finishing that degree. Her next plans are to leave me (</3) for the University of Waterloo to pursue optometry, and someday I'll force her to deal with my terrible eyes. :)

Check out some of the images we made together during her graduation photos below!