Winter is an amazing time for me to test myself and create images that are a little out of my comfort zone. We don't have the beautiful and natural scenery like we do in the summer, and the temperature challenges how long you're actually able to be out shooting. Compared to the warm and wonderful photo sessions I have in the summer time, it can be really hard to come up with unique and fast paced ideas when everything is grey and it's so cold I can't feel my fingertips. 

In the past few weeks, I've had some amazing clients that help me sort out what kind of feeling we're looking for in the shoot, and what type of situation I'll be getting us into to make it happen. Luckily, I like to say that I'm very adaptable.

Adaptability is a HUGE thing in photography, especially my favourite kinds. Location portraiture and weddings force me to have to fight with whatever nature wants to do that day, and see little pockets of beautiful space in a not-so-stunning location. Knowing how to access a situation, and decide whether lighting is necessary, (sometimes it isn't!) or what area to put the subject into to make the most of the space is the best type of challenge. 

Typically, my go-to type of portrait location would be in the woods, or a beach, or somewhere really naturally beautiful so that I can plop in my subject and everything looks awesome right away. I love to use artificial lighting mixed with the natural light of the sun, and I can be tedious with the angle or the height of my light.. but by doing this I can achieve basically whatever look I want, no matter the situation.

However, sometimes we have to break out of that comfort zone to grow, or get back to our roots as a photographer. When I got the email from Piper asking to shoot downtown Halifax, I knew it would be best to abandon my artificial lighting and shoot natural light ONLY in a location that typically doesn't get the inspiration juices flowing. 

The good thing for me, was that it was a beautifully warm day, and Piper was a fantastic subject. It's funny how once winter really rolls around, that +6°C can feel like a perfect spring day, and us Nova Scotian's shed the layers. We picked a variety of colourful and warm looking locations to compliment the weather, and Piper even wore a t-shirt (without freezing!!) throughout the whole thing. 

All in all, I'm glad that I have clients and people in my life that force me to challenge my typical style, and I know that I grow as a photographer each time I get to do so. 

Check out some of the images from my shoot with Piper below!