Hello again!

I've been proud of myself for keeping up with some sort of writing and blogging despite my tendency to neglect things after a little while. This new year I've been doing the typical resolutions - trying to eat better, maybe go to the gym every once in a while, etc, etc. One thing that is really important to me is though, that if I'm going to keep with any of these things, I keep up with regularly updating this page. So go me!

I recently had an awesome opportunity to shoot again with one of my favourite makeup artists, Danielle Grasley. Winter is a time when many creatives are lacking in new and fun work, so I always get pumped up when people ask me to collaborate on their ideas. For this shoot, Danielle and I wanted to work on something grungy and edgy. We found a space to work within in Bedford, under an overpass, and had Emily Gillis as our model.

After Danielle finished the makeup, we did a couple shots within the stairwell of my building and then headed out to Bedford.

Just like most of my shoots this winter, it seemed that this one fell on one of the COLDEST days possible. Emily and Danielle were troopers, and I think I honestly might have complained the most. Whoops.

Check them out!