Winter Wonderland

Hello again, 

This winter in Nova Scotia has been a super weird one. I've spent the whole time thinking.. "okay, this is nice, but when is winter starting?" It's been crazy mild and to be honest, a little alarming. I mean, it's basically spring and it's only snowed here two real times!

That being said, when it does snow, we take advantage. Recently I worked with Shannon Connors of City Models as well as Danielle Grasley to create a "Winter Wonderland" inspired look. Lucky for us, the snow that arrived the day before hung around long enough for us to really get the mood we were hoping for, and the images turned out great!

It was super cold on the day we decided to shoot, but Shannon and Danielle were troopers when it came to helping me out with lighting and creating the images I wanted to make, and nobody complained even once! Danielle and I were blown away by the commitment Shannon showed by keeping her 'model face' on even though she was basically wearing a summer outfit in the middle of the snow. 

Check them out below!