Marty the Aussie

I like to think I would be a dog person, but honestly I don't know! 

I didn't grow up with a dog and the closest I've came to owning one is living in the same house as a hyperactive Dalmatian mix for about a year. We always had cats growing up, and while I love mine dearly it would be nice to have a companion while out on photography jobs or during summer hikes. 

Lately I've been looking into herding dogs,  (even though we live in a small apartment and a dog is more of a 5 year plan type of situation) and my heart settled on an Australian Shepard. I was lucky when Ella told me about this little cutie, Marty, and we set up a time for a shoot right away.

He was SO GOOD! Ella talked about lots of good tips and tricks to training an Aussie and it really showed that she had put a lot of love and care into doing so for Marty. We explored Shubie park and by the end of our time together it had me wishing he was coming home with me instead.

Thanks Ella & Marty!