Mermaid with legs

I always joke that my best feature is my hair and that my favourite compliment from people is that it looks like mermaid hair, so you could say I sort of have a soft spot for the mermaid theme. One day while looking through Chelsea's instagram account I noticed she had this amazing mermaid dress and knew we would totally work well on a shoot together.

After sending her a message and setting up a time and date, we eagerly watched the weather to make sure all would be okay to get down to the area of Polly Cove I wanted to do the shoot in. Of course, we got a freak snow storm a couple days before, but luckily there wasn't much left over by the day we actually set out to create this look besides a frozen ground and a couple slippery spots. 

I'm sure I looked completely ridiculous to the people in the parking lot, because I alwaaaays have my large light box and a huge stand during these mini hikes to my destinations, but we didn't run into any people on the trail itself surprisingly!

Chelsea has this rad green hair and with the location and the dress I absolutely loved the feel and theme of these images. I enjoyed shooting just off the ocean, but not on a beach to give the feeling this 'mermaid' just got her legs and came straight from the sea.

Check them out!