Avoiding burnout is real. It's hard, especially when my time is split between photographing clients, editing photos, emailing & running multiple social medias as well as maintaining personal relationships and friendships and having down-time for myself.

One of my favourite things to do to avoid creative burnout is to plan a shoot for myself. I love working with ideas I wouldn't necessarily present to a client in the fear it may not work out, and explore what type of work can be created without the anxiety of disappointing someone else.

Clayton is one of the people I really enjoy working with because he's always so open to doing basically anything presented to him. He's eager and creative and helpful when my brain is running without coffee and words aren't coming out properly.

For this shoot we went back to my roots, and visited NSCC's living wall as a backdrop. When I was in school for photography it was SO nice to have people around that were like-minded and pushing the boundaries on their creativity, and I love to go back and visit every so often.. this time to shoot!

Sometimes it can be challenging spending so much time behind a computer screen, but in my opinion the best thing you can do is just get out and create. 

Thanks Clayton for helping me make this happen!