April Showers

One of my favourite things about the temperatures changing is the thick fog we get coming off the water. I love the softness and how quickly backgrounds fade away. It's such a fun & challenging environment to shoot in, and it really makes for stunning locations. 

Earlier this week, Ian, Kaylin and I met up with Kenzie  to utilize the fog to our advantage. We drove out to Lawrencetown beach to test the limits of weather sealing in our cameras and stretch our creative muscles. 

I always find it super interesting to shoot the same subject or model with other photographers because everyone comes out of the day with completely different looking images. Different edits and angles and moments captured. I think it's really important as a creative to find other like-minded people that you can share ideas and methods with and not worry about anyone taking those things for their own, and I'm lucky to have those type of people in my life. 

Thanks Kenzie for coming out and braving the weather with us!