Dramatic, in the best way

It's the absolute best when you meet someone and feel like your personalities click right away. A lot of my communication leading up to a shoot is done through social media or email, and I don't usually get to meet clients until we get to the location on the day of. Typically I have a little bit of anxiety about whether or not we'll get along, what we'll talk about, how I'll be able to get real emotion out of them during the shoot... and the list goes on. The minute I met Kathleen all those worries went out the window.

Kathleen is so personable, and by the end of the shoot we were talking about all the other things we could do in the future. We picked Conrad's beach as the location, and were completely blown away by how perfectly the temperature, time and weather all aligned for us to walk in to a completely stunning setting for her Moody Dress shoot.

Accompanied by a bluetooth speaker, we started in the beach grass before moving down to the beach. We were even able to do a couple of shots in the water (!!!!). I'm so glad that spring is finally on its way, and this shoot really made me excited for the upcoming months.

Thanks Kathleen!