Cape Breton is 100% without a doubt, my favourite part of this province. I didn't grow up there, but every time I go it feels like I'm home. That's why every year we make it a priority to get up to visit family, and make at least one late-spring trip to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

This time, we spent four days hiking and glamping, and enjoying drinks from Coldstream Clear, one of the many great Distilleries we have here in Nova Scotia!

We spent the first night at my grandmother's in St Peter's, exploring a license plate forest and chasing the sunrise before heading off to the highlands.

The second day, we explored Corney Brook falls and the trail leading to it, then we had a bonfire with way too many hot dogs & some great conditions for night shooting.

The third day, we tried to hike Polly's Cove. I say try because the rain was so intense, and the water levels so high that we ended up turning around once we reached the river about 5km in. We headed back to the campground for the night, but because of the rain we had an extremely hard time lighting the fire. 3 hours of fighting embers and a trip to a convenience store for matches later, we gave up and went inside the O'tentik only for a coal to ignite and a fire to keep us company for the rest of the evening.

Our last day we braved another sunrise, but this time at my favourite location in NS, Whitepoint. It was cold and windy, and it felt miserable at the time, but I'm so happy to get to see this little spot in such a different light than so many that visit.

I'll never tire of exploring all the areas our diverse little province has to offer. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I know we'll be back sooner than we think. Until next time, CB!