Lupins are such a cute little flower and the patches of them that pop up everywhere along the roads make for stunning locations.

For this shoot, Ashley, Kaylin and I all piled into her little Fiat and drove with the intention of going to one patch, but ending up in another - which probably worked better in my opinion... even though three girls and a fiat pulled off a highway looked like we were stranded and caused quite a few honks of the horn and even one guy pulling over to check if we were okay.

We had the perfect amount of light and a ton of variety with the lupins, daisies and patches of forest in behind this little trail. Ashley is fabulous and always prepared with multiple outfits, so we had lots of looks and tons of great opportunity to make images that stood out. 

It's really fun to have two photographers shoot the same model and in the same location, because while it seems like it would be super competitive, if you have the right group of people it can really lead to pushing each other and coming up with ideas that wouldn't have happened on your own. I definitely reccommend it!

Thanks Ashley!